This is the most important part of the process in order to achieve a successful treatment outcome. We will discuss in depth your relevant medical history and look at any X-rays/Scans. We will discuss your treatment goals and any previous experiences you have had with orthotic treatment. Throughout this process we will endeavor to help your feel at ease and you are welcome to attend with a friend or family member if you wish. After our discussion we will move on to a physical assessment, including:

Biomechanical Examination

The basis for any orthotic treatment is a full biomechanical examination. This evaluates the entire “kinetic chain” of your body; examining the angular relationships and the dynamic interactions that occur during movement between body segments.

video gait examination

Examination of:

  • Gait analysis
  • Pressure analysis
  • Foot/ankle range of motion and alignment
  • Knee range of motion and stability
  • Hip joint range of motion
  • Muscular strength is tested and graded
  • Spinal and pelvic alignment

Gait/Motion analysis

Your biomechanics in motion are analysed. Initially, this simply involves watching the motion during walking on the floor, with our clincian making judgments about the gait pattern. Your movement, walking/running is then analysed on a treadmill with a digital video camera from the rear view. The digital camera allows for slow motion analysis of specific points in the gait cycle.

Following physical assessment and identification of movement abnormality, we will prescribe an appropriate orthosis. The majority of orthoses providedare custom made but there are some excellent stock orthoses available too. To produce a custom made orthosis a synthetic mould is taken of the body to ensure an optimal result in terms of comfort, function and cosmesis.

For Healthcare Professionals

If you would like to refer a patient or organise a joint assessment feel free to give us a call or email. We are happy to offer advice and guidance regarding orthotic options. A satellite service is available upon request.

Speak to a Clinician

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